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“JOINS!” is located in the municipality of Saint Germain and Mons, postal code 24520. “JOINS!” is a few steps, about 10 km, from Bergerac. Bergerac has its own airport (“Bergerac Dordogne Périgord”) with several connections to European (and British) airports.

In Bergerac you will also find the large supermarkets, ideal for shopping that you need during your holidays in “JOINS!”. See below “Bergerac”.

In the vicinity of “JOINS!” there is a lot to see and do; too much to describe.

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Below we list some sites:


It is one of the most famous places in the Dordogne, due to its beautifully restored medieval center. Very rewarding; very touristic.


It is a cozy town with many medieval buildings and squares. The town is located by the Dordogne and there are quite a few bars and restaurants.

The vineyards of Bergerac

West of “JOINS!” are its vineyards, with many well-known names like Pécharmant and Monbazillac.

The vineyards of Bordeaux

A little further west are its vineyards. In fact the most famous in the world, with names like Saint Emilion, Pomérol and Margaux.

The markets

You should not miss the local markets with vegetables, fruits, but especially curiosities. Almost every village or town has its own market. See Google “Markets Dordogne”.


In the department you will find many castles, each of which is worth visiting.


The conditions of this sport are ideal near “JOINS!”.

The Dordogne

The department derives from the name of this river, which is worth a visit. Every place on the river has something special. See below.


Up the Dordogne river in an easterly direction, you pass this spectacular steep place built on the rock.


At this place, La Vézère meets The Dordogne. Nice plaster on the way to “JOINS!”.

Les Eyzies en Lascaux

In these prehistoric places you will find everything about the cradle of humanity.

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